Here I Go Again, On My Own

here-i-go-againNationwide Energy Services Ltd. (NES) was born, operating from a tiny office in Killay, Swansea. Initially I employed 12 people but, by working with a large number of sub-contractors, we were able to provide coverage across the whole of South Wales.

Our company focus was loft and cavity wall insulation. Offering ‘the whole package’ we’d contact householders, survey their properties, offer discounted rates through grant funding and arrange installation of the work required. The frustrated teacher in me found an outlet in training others to do a job that I had been doing for many years. In what seemed like no time at all, I had assembled a team of able and eager people.

There was certainly plenty of competition around but that kept me keen and focused on what I wanted to achieve. We were in a small office in Killay for a year before we outgrew it. From Killay we had a base in Llandore, on the top floor of a building that was never really finished. After 9 months I moved us to large modern offices on Swansea Enterprise Park. This gave me room to grow and a nice environment for my staff to work.

Nev WilshireTo start with we were rattling around with just sixteen agents in a call centre built for seventy. Though within a year we had filled it and needed another floor in the building. As a local boy, employing people from the Swansea area has always given me a great deal of satisfaction; it is my small part in the on-going development of Swansea.

NES ran for many successful years, eventually reaching a headcount of over five hundred staff. This included my two sons who have both risen through the ranks and now help me run the business. Our hard work eventually allowed me to purchase our Swansea HQ, the building where we had once rented just one floor. In addition to energy efficiency measures, I added new companies to my portfolio and created the Save Britain Money (SBM) group offering fuel switching, financial services and claim management.

With the ambitious aim of saving people money in all aspects of their lives we felt ready to conquer the world… Again!