Nev’s Indian Call Centre

nev's-indian-call-centre2015 was a tough year for Nev’s Swansea based call centre. Facing rising costs and a shortage of new products, the business found itself in urgent need of new a source of affordable high quality sales leads. After much deliberation Nev’s solution was to join some of the UK’s largest companies in setting up a new call centre in India. It had been a long held ambition of Nev’s to find out if his unique style of management and motivation would translate abroad, and this seemed the perfect time to give it a go.

The Challenge

johnny-hayley-dwayne-indian-call-centreIf successful, a new call centre in India would generate enough work to safeguard the jobs of Nev’s existing workforce in Swansea, as well as create unique opportunities for a small team in India. With the stakes high and budget small Nev was determined to do as much of the work himself as possible with just a core team to assist in his India mission. Dwayne and Johnny were set the task of recruiting and training an Indian workforce and tea lady Hayley was given the job of keeping the staff fed, watered and smiling. So team assembled, bags packed and visas in hand, the intrepid four headed to Heathrow to begin their adventure.

New Show New Channel

W-logoWhen word of Nev’s impending travel plans spread, UKTV were quick to spot the potential for a new show and signed Nev up for a 6 part series. ‘Nev’s Indian Call Centre’ will air on UKTV’s premium entertainment channel, W, starting 9th May 2016. The show presents a ‘warts and all’ account of Nev’s efforts to launch his new business, ‘Money Saving Champions’, in Delhi, the call centre capital of the world.

What to Expect

Nev-outside-indian-call-centre-with-staffThe 6 episodes, filmed in Swansea and Delhi, are packed with laugher, tears and of course plenty of really bad singing! From exporting Nev’s unique brand of hands-on employee management, through to much-loved tea lady Hayley – now International Head of Beverage Facilitation – the series promises to bring the exuberance of The Call Centre into uncharted territory. From finding a new office to recruiting staff, from singing lessons to technology nightmares; the cameras capture every step of Nev’s journey. There are highs and lows aplenty as Nev struggle to adapt to a whole new culture; Swansea really has never seemed so far away!

Nev Said

Nev was in typically buoyant mood about the whole project as he set off for the airport. In an interview with a local paper he said “As boss of one of Swansea’s biggest independent call centres I’m sure I’ve got something to offer to the experts in India. This project is all about job creation abroad to help secure jobs back in Swansea and of course Hayley is keen to try out her brews on the tea growing capital of the world, no pressure there then!” Tune in 9th May to see if the India adventure was a success, or if Nev and his team were sent packing with “Get Outs!” ringing in their ears.